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        A hacking sprint focused on the Israeli public information and knowledge sponsored by  pyweb-il, Google R&D Center, Israel and the Sadna.



        Friday to Saturday on the 3-4 of June 2011. Apologies for all those who observe the Sabbath - we couldn't figure out a time that will allow you to come. The official hours are 10:00-20:00 of Friday and 10:00-22:00 on Saturday, but there will probably be people there around the clock.

        We will finish the Hackathon at 20:30-22:00 with a closing presentation where we will demo the prototypes to a panel of "Transparency Champions" headed by Minister Miki Eitan and MK Shelly Yehimovitz. 






     skilled citizens that can spare the time and help create a better government. We want to work fast so we need skillful web developers, designers and power users.

     We have limited space for ~40 developers, ~10 designers and ~10 power users.


     If you'd like to join us in improving our public space, please register



     Improving our Government.  More specifically, we will develop online services to release public information, build robots to mine public information and add some of our knowledge to the Open Knesset site. At the weekend’s end we will demo the projects and give away small (but brave) prizes.


     Below is a list of the projects we have on our drawing board. If you have an idea for a project please add it to the table below:





Anything else?

If you have any questions, talk to us in our discussion group.


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