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MKs Radar

Page history last edited by Adam Kariv 10 years, 5 months ago

Welcome to MKs Radar


Goals of the Project


Code an html5 game to help the Israeli voters find the distance between their views and those of the MKs




Usage Scenarios


A facebook user, sees a radar image published by one of his friends. He clicks the link and plays with the radar, discovering the names of the closest and farthest MKs. The user is intrigued so he decides the play the game for himself. The user votes on one bill at a time, after each vote, watching the radar scan and the new positions of the MKs. 

When done the user the user can select which MKs hed like to follow and to share his radar. 



We have a winning design from Shenkar Students, Vicky & Batel - here 





To choose the best votes for the game, an algorithm chose the most "controversial" votes - in the sense that in these votes MKs differed in their opinions in most ways (i.e. not just coalition vs. opposition).


Game Mechanics 

Html5 and Javascript based game engine to run the game and record users' votes 


Game Conclusion

Allowing the user to publish his radar and connect to the MKs in his inner circle using open-knesset

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